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IRISDOLL | Your Gateway to Intimate Bliss

Sex dolls should not just be a toy for sex but also represent people's beautiful imagination for their soulmates. No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed about buying it. In this era of freedom and liberation, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness and joy without violation of the law and public order.
—— IRISDOLL CEO. Gavin Cao
About IRIS:
"Iris" comes from a Latin word. In ancient Greek mythology, the rainbow goddess Iris is Zeus' messenger between the world of mortals and gods.
Sex dolls are not only physical dolls, but also people's imagination and emotional attachment to ideal partners, symbolizing the connection between people and ideals.
With the meaning of "rainbow," Iris represents a broad diversity and inclusiveness for the transgender community. What's more, Iris is the national flower of France,symbolizing freedom and light. As the goddess of the rainbow, IRIS stands for connection and communication. With the long-time work in philanthropy, we sincerely look forward to building a bridge between you and your perfect soul mate in pursuit through Irisdoll.com.
At Irisdoll.com, Iris stands for connection and communication, freedom and light, diversity and inclusion.
Our Team:
We are a professional website for physical sex dolls, offering a wide range of TPE dolls and silicone dolls with high quality and exquisite realism. Our team is familiar with every production process and technology of our dolls, fully understand the market demand, and always maintain a rigorous attitude and active exploration spirit in this field, while staying open and innovative. Our team includes both experienced executives and energetic young people. The combination of mature experience and new ideas gave birth to Irisdoll.com.
Our Service:
Our founding team, involved in public service for many years, stepped into the adult doll industry by chance and has been fond of it for over a decade. All of the staff at Irisdoll.com take pride in providing our clients with unparalleled passionate service. We are willing to listen to your demands and provide meticulous intimate services to both those who are looking for an ideal sex partner and those who have sexual dysfunctions. We promise that every doll sold by us is 100% authentic.
We will constantly improve our service experience according to your needs. We believe that our love for sex dolls will become our shortcut to the communication with customers who also love them.
Our Honor:
Irisidoll.com is a genuine doll sales website, with cooperation authorization letters from several brands. We only sell genuine and high-quality sex dolls. You can check the authenticity with each brand. To ensure every doll from irisdoll.com is safe and harmless, we use the safest and most harmless materials in the industry during the production. With materials certified by CE, ROHS FDA, and others, you can use our products without any worries. They all could be used with complete peace of mind.
Our Advantages:
  • High-Quality Brand Partnerships:We have developed in-depth cooperation with many high-quality doll brands and manufacturers, such as WM DOLL, ZELEX DOLL, SE DOLL, FUNWEST DOLL, IRONTECH DOLL, STARPERY DOLL and so on. Each doll displayed on the site is carefully selected, never accepting low-quality or products that may affect the health of the user. We strictly enforce quality control at every stage of production to ensure that the dolls you order are made exactly as ordered.
  • 5000+ Sex Dolls Available:We offer over 5,000 products to meet the needs and preferences of our diverse clientele, as well as a personalized customization service to ensure that you are satisfied with your doll.
  • Discreet shipping: We put the protection of your privacy in the first place, the whole confidential shipment and sturdy carton packaging will not display any doll-related information.
  • Overseas Warehouse & Fast Logistics: We have overseas warehouses in the United States and Europe, you can receive their dolls in 3-7 days after ordering in-stock products, eliminating the anxiety of waiting.
Our Promise:
  • Every branded doll you buy on irisdoll.com is 100% authentic.
  • Every payment method you use on irisdoll.com is completely secure.
  • All personal information you enter on irisdoll.com will never be disclosed by us.
Our Wish:
Irisdoll.com is committed to be your most trusted sex doll brand, providing customers with high-quality and realistic dolls to fulfill the different fantasies and expectations.
IRISDOLL, Your Gateway to Intimate Bliss.